Quick Breads Crossword Puzzle

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  • compound butter : fresh butter blended with spices, herbs and/or seasoning used to flavor sauces or as flavorful spread
  • baking ammonia : is a leavening agent that adds crispness in some baked goods. primarily cookies and crackers
  • muffins : any small, cave like baked good made in a muffin pan
  • baking soda : an alkaline compound (a base) that releases carbon dioxide gas (co2) if both an acid and moisture are present
  • base : a substance that neutralizes an acid in a liquid solution
  • tunneling : large tubular holes in muffins and cakes, a defect caused by over-mixing
  • crepes : large, round, extremely thin pancakes used in sweet and savory dishes
  • blinis : small, thin pancakes made with a savory yeast-raised batter
  • sodium bicarbonate : nahco3; commonly known as household baking soda
  • bench tolerance : they lose to much of their leavening action if left on work bench to long
  • muffin method : a method used to make quick-bread batters
  • biscuit method : a mixing method used to make biscuits, scones, and flaky dough
  • make-up : the cutting, shaping and forming of dough products before baking
  • baking powder : a mixture of sodium bicarbonate and one or more acids, generally cream of tartar and or sodium aluminum sulfate, used to leaven baked goods
  • acid : food such as citrus juice, vinegar and wine that have a sour or sharp flavor
  • streusel : a crumbly mixture of fat, flour, sugar and sometime nuts and spices