Basic Culinary Terms Crossword Puzzle

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  • marinate : to soak a food in a liquid to tenderize or flavor
  • mince : to cut into very small pieces
  • dice : cut into small cubes
  • brown : cook at medium or high heat until the surface browns
  • bake : to cook in an oven
  • chop : cut into small pieces
  • saute : cook quickly in little oil, butter or fat
  • mash : to squash food with a fork, spoon or whisk
  • blend : mix ingredients gently
  • simmer : to cook in a liquid with slow , low bubbles
  • beat : to mix ingredients using a fast, circular motion
  • steam : to cook with liquid, but not directly in the liquid
  • broil : to brown under direct heat
  • grate : this is what you do to food when you use a grater.
  • boil : heat a substance so the bubbles will rise to the surface and break
  • preheat : to turn oven on ahead of time
  • drain : remove liquid by using a strainer
  • knead : fold, press and stretch dough