Baking Terms Crossword Puzzle

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  • gluten : the elastic protein found in wheat flour that gives bread its structure
  • extender : a piece of equipment that is used to give a sheet pan walls, used for making brownies, sheet cakes, and cinnamon rolls
  • icebox : type of cookies which are rolled in a log, chilled, and sliced
  • baking powder : a chemical leavener that reacts with heat and moisture; double acting
  • paddle : mixer attachment used to cream butter and sugar in the creaming method
  • formula : what we call a recipe in the bakery
  • rich dough : type of dough which has a high amount of fat and sugar
  • scaling : term used for measuring ingredients by weight
  • fat : shortens gluten strands
  • beurrage : the butter used in a laminated dough
  • sponge : a dough that is made from yeast, flour and water that is allowed to ferment 8-12 hours and is used to make bread dough
  • tartar : cream of _ ; acid in baking powder
  • oven spring : the rapid expansion of dough when it is placed in the oven to bake
  • dough hook : the mixer attachment used to knead bread dough while it mixes
  • wafer : a type of cookie made using a stencil, ex: tuile
  • tare : to set a scale to zero
  • tunneling : what happens when gas bubbles can't escape the dough and the bread bakes funny
  • lean dough : type of dough that pizza dough is
  • hopper : where the ingredients go when you are scaling them out