Baking Principles Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: autolyse: a resting period early in the mixing procedure of yeast doughs during which the flour fully absorbs the water, amylase: an enzyme in flour that breaks down starches into simple sugars, air cells: a tiny bubble of air, created by creaming or foaming, that assists in leavening a dough or batter, absorption: the amount of water a flour can take up and hold while being made into a simple dough, benching: an intermediate fermentation and resting period for yeast doughs, after folding and before rounding or preshaping, biscuit: a mixing method in which the fat is mixed with the dry ingredients before the liquid ingredients are added, bloom: a whitish coating on chocolate caused by the separated cocoa butter. to hydrate gelatin, fondant: a type of icing made of boiled sugar syrup that is agitated so it crystallizes into a mass of extremely small white crystals, fermentation: the process by which yeast changes carbohydrates into carbon dioxide gas and alcohol, gelatin: a water soluble protein extracted from animal tissue, leavening: the production or incorporation of gases in a baked product to increase volume and to produce shape and texture, gluten: an elastic substance formed from proteins present in wheat flours that give structure and strength to baked goods, glucose: a simple sugar available in the form of clear, colorless, tasteless syrup, preferment: a fermented dough or batter used to provide leavening for a larger batch or dough, proofing: fermenting made up yeast products to increase their volume and lighten their texture before baking, tempering: the process of melting and cooling chocolate to a specific temperature to prepare it for dipping, coating, or molding, punching: a method of expelling gases from fermented dough, muffin: a mixing method in which the mixed dry ingredients are combined with the mixed liquid ingredients, creaming: a mixing method that begins with the blending of fat and sugar