Cooking Methods Crossword

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QUESTIONS LIST: Boiling : Cooking food in deep boiling liquid (not oil)., Braising : Browning food in fat then cooked with liquid in covered pan. starts with b, Pan Frying : Frying in a little oil in frying pan, Baking : Cooking wet ingredients in oven to rise., Sauteing : Small pieces of food cooked in a little hot oil., Grilling : Cooking under the oven grill or on BBQ, Flambeing : Flaming food after frying. starts with f, Deep Fry : To cook food in large amount of hot oil., Stew : Cooking food in a little liquid with lid on and at a simmer, Steaming : Food placed in a covered pan above boiling water, Simmering : Cooking uncovered below boiling point in liquid (not oil)., Roasting : Cooking meat in oven in small amount of liquid