African Geography Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: salt : continued use of chemical fertilizer can cause ---- to build up, kalahari desert : a desert located in southern, niger river : what river provides the sahel with water, rainforest : area with a hot and humid climate with thick vegetation, silt : rich topsoil carried by flood streams, congo river : what river is located in the rain forest?, lake victoria : the largest lake located in africa, egypt : a country located located in north east africa known for it's pyramids, madagascar : a country that is located on a island east of the mainland, savanna : a large area in africa that is mostly grassland, deforestation : the destruction of trees and other vegetation, pollution : when something like air or water is contaminated, red sea : a sea laying between africa and asia, nile river : the largest river in africa. it can be found in north east africa, sahel : what part of africa has access to the niger river, drought : an extended period of time without rainfall, morocco : the country that the atlas mountains can be found in, mount kilimanjaro : the highest point located in africa, desertification : the process of land becoming desert, sahara desert : the largest desert in the world located in africa