Africa Geography Crossword

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QUESTIONS LIST: KALAHARI : Desert in Southern Africa, CONGO RIVER : Flows between Atlantic Ocean and Central Africa, NILE : generally regarded as the longest river in the world, RED : Sea between Africa and Asia, LAKE CHAD : Lake in the Sahel, MEDITERRANEAN SEA : Waterway between Africa, Asia, Europe, RIVER : Zambezi _____ flows between the Mozambique Channel and Southern Africa, EQUATOR : Imaginary line dividing Earth into Northern and Southern hemispheres, INDIAN OCEAN : Between Africa, India, Australia, ORANGE : River that flows between Atlantic Ocean and South Africa, CAPRICORN : Tropic of ______ is an imaginary line circling the Earth 23 1/2 degrees south of the Equator, CANCER : Tropic of _____ is an imaginary line circling the Earth 23 1/2 degrees north of the Equator, MADAGASCAR : Island nation, SAHEL : Strip of dry grasslands on southern border of Sahara; also known as "shore of the desert", ATLAS : Mountains along northern edge of Africa, EUROPE : Continent north of Africa, SAHARA DESERT : Traveled across by camel caravans so goods and ideas could be exchanged between North and West Africa, GREAT RIFT VALLEY : grasslands that run down the eastern side of Africa,, LIMPOPO : River that flows between Indian Ocean and Southern Africa, ATLANTIC : Ocean west of Africa, SENEGAL RIVER : Trade route of former Ghana Empire