Continents and Oceans Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: indian ocean : the third largest and warmest ocean on earth, north america : the continent which is located completely in the northern and western hemisphere where 80% of the people are christians, antarctica : the continent that is sparsely populated and that is covered almost completely by ice, europe : the continent considered to be the wealthiest; it houses the two smallest countries in the world, oceania : the smallest planet on earth which is home to australia, new zealand, and many pacific islands, arctic ocean : the smallest ocean which is almost completely covered in ice during the winter, asia : the biggest continent-in both land area and human population, africa : the continent with the most countries; it is called the cradle of humankind, atlantic ocean : the 2nd largest ocean on earth, south america : a continent with the longest mountain range-the andes and the driest place on earth-the atacama desert, pacific ocean : the largest ocean which covers 30% of the planet, southern ocean : an ocean added in the year 2000 that surrounds antarctica.