Surface Events Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: physical : this type of weathering is also referred to as mechanical weathering. it is the process of breaking up rock by physical forces, such as the action of wind and moving water, deposition: the process by which wind, water, and gravity leave eroded sediments in new locations, weathering : process by which water, wind, and ice wear down rocks and other exposed surfaces; includes chemical and mechanical, oxidation : the joining of oxygen with other substances, chemical : this is the process of wearing away of rocks by chemical processes, such as oxidation or dissolving, convection : the method of heat transfer that causes tectonic plates to move, run off: runoff occurs when there is more water than land can absorb. the excess liquid flows across the surface of the land and into nearby creeks, streams, or ponds, erosion: movement of sediment by wind, water, ice, or gravity