Coastal Landscapes Crossword

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QUESTIONS LIST: ATTRITION: Erosion caused when rocks and boulders transported by waves bump into each other and break up into smaller pieces., DEPOSITION: Occurs when material being transported by the sea is dropped due to the sea losing energy., FETCH: The distance the wind has traveled across the sea., SOLUTION: Soluble particles are dissolved by the water, EROSION: The wearing away and removal of material by a moving force, such as a breaking wave., ROTATIONAL SLIP: Slump of saturated soil and weak rock along a curved surface, SWASH: Water moving up a beach., HYDRAULIC POWER: The process by which breaking waves compress pockets of air in cracks in a cliff. The pressure may cause the crack to widen, breaking off rock., BEACH: The zone of deposited material that extends from the low water line to the limit of storm waves. The beach or shore can be divided in the foreshore and the backshore, CHEMICAL WEATHERING: The decomposition (or rotting) of rock caused by a chemical change within that rock; sea water can cause chemical weathering of cliffs., BIOLOGICAL WEATHERING: Biological weathering is the process in which plants, animals, and bacteria break down rocks into smaller pieces., ROCKFALL: Fragments of rock breakaway from the cliff face, often due to freeze-thaw weathering, MUD FLOW: Saturated soil and weak rock flows down a slope., ABRASION: The wearing away of cliffs by sediment flung by breaking waves, DESTRUCTIVE WAVES: These remove sediment from cliffs and beaches. They are destructive., FREEZE THAW: Physical disintegration or break up of exposed rock without any change in its chemical composition., LANDSLIDE: Blocks of rocks slide downhill, CONSTRUCTIVE WAVES: These help to build a beach up by depositing sediment like sand. They construct the coast.