Mountain & Volcano Crossword Puzzle

Download and print this Mountain & Volcano crossword puzzle.

PDF will include puzzle sheet and the answer key.


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  • fold : mountain landforms that are made of anticlines and synclines are _ .
  • crater : the depression found at the top of most volcanic cones is called a _ .
  • cone
  • plateau : a large area of flat, elevated land.
  • pyroclastic : a rapid downhill movement of hot, solid, volcanic particles suspended in steam is
  • stratovolcano : a volcano that emits lava and solid debris in alternately quiet and explosive
  • eroded.
  • eruptions
  • belts : most of the active volcanoes are located in two volcano _ .
  • geothermal : the internal energy of the earth that is sometimes harnessed for man’s use is called _ .
  • extinct : a volcano having no historical record of eruption and no seismic activity
  • spring : when water heated underground rises to the surface as a liquid, it forms a hot _ .
  • lava : magma that reaches the earth’s surface
  • orogeny : the overall process that forms tectonic mountain landforms is known as _ .
  • lahar : a mudslide caused by a volcano is called a _ .
  • a _ flow.
  • caldera : an enlarged depression that is caused by an explosion or the collapse of a volcanic
  • fire : the circum-pacific volcano belt is sometimes called the ring of _ .
  • geyser : a spring that periodically ejects large quantities of hot water and steam is known
  • seamount : an underwater volcano.
  • shield : a volcano that emits mostly lava in quiet eruptions
  • dormant : a volcano that has not erupted in historical times but is not significantly
  • ash : tiny, angular, glassy fragments, powdered pyroclastic materials
  • as a _ .
  • cinder cone : a volcano that emits mostly cinders, ashes, and bombs