World Geography Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: ghana : called the gold coast, sarajevo : the capital of bosnia & herzegovina, muslim : the hausa tribe of nigeria is predominantly which religion?, timbuktu : which city has become the epitome of a remote and mysterious civilization?, kremlin : what massive fortress in moscow represents russian political power?, archipelago : what is a large group of islands called?, russia : what is the largest country in total area?, viet cong : what is the name of the guerrilla group that played a big part of conquering south vietnam?, tokyo : capital of japan, gambia : the smallest country in africa, brahmins : what group consists of priests and teachers in the india cast system?, sahara : what is the name of the world’s largest desert?, brazzaville : the largest city of all the countries formally known as french west africa is., kashmire : india and pakistan disputed the control over which boarding territory?, vindhya : which mountain range has historically been the natural dividing line between northern and southern india?, baltic states : what term refers to lithuania, latvia, and estonia?, stalin : who was the russian dictator during world war ii?