The Oceans Crossword Puzzle

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  • squid : a marine creature with long tentacles.
  • octopus : a creature with eight arms and a big brain.
  • pacific : world's largest ocean
  • jellyfish : a translucent creature with stinging tentacles.
  • orca : killer whale
  • penguin : flightless sea bird that walks with a waddle
  • seaweed : a tasty type of marine algae
  • whale : a gigantic marine mammal living in the ocean.
  • gills : what fish use to breath
  • coral : the great barrier reef is made of this
  • crab : a crustacean with a hard shell and pincers.
  • starfish : a sea creature with arms in a star shape.
  • great white : shark that's top of the ocean food chain
  • blue whale : largest creature ever to have existed. sea mammal
  • waves : the rise and fall of the oceans
  • harp : species of seal. also a musical instrument
  • shark : a fearsome predator with sharp teeth.
  • sea turtle : a reptile living in the sea and nesting on beaches.
  • seahorse : a small fish with a unique horse-like appearance.
  • school : group a fish
  • dolphin : a smart and playful marine mammal.
  • turtle : marine reptile with a hard shell
  • climate change : global warming