Environmental Regions Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: descending : desert climates occur in places where air is.., cactus : a plant with spikes for leaves and which stores water in its stems, buttress roots : these stand above the ground to support huge trees, drought : plants in hot deserts have adapted to living in these conditions, canopy : an almost unbroken layer of trees that acts like a roof over the tropical rainforest, latitude : how far a place is north or south of the equator, lianas : vine-like plants found in the tropical rainforest, equatorial : a climate of places near the equator which are very hot & wet throughout the year, prevailing wind : the direction from which the wind usually comes, altitude : the height of a place above sea-level, scrub : small stunted trees and bushes, mediterranean : a climate of places that have hot, dry summers and mild, wet winters, tundra : this climate can be found in places extreme north of north america and asia, ice cap : here the average temperatures never rise above 0 degrees, ecosystem : community of plants and animals which interact with each other and their non living environment, biome : a very large ecosystem, emergents : the tallest trees of the tropical rainforest, deforestation : the cutting down and burning of trees to clear large areas of forest.