Hydrosphere Crossword

Download and print this Hydrosphere crossword puzzle.

PDF will include puzzle sheet and the answer key.


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QUESTIONS LIST: DENSITY : The property of water that allows objects to sink even big ships, SALTWATER : The water that contains salts and minerals, FRESHWATER : The water that can be found in glaciers and glaciers, EVAPORATION : The process where water changes into a gas, GROUNDWATER : The water that has infiltrated the soil and settled deep in the rock layers, GLACIERS : Large masses of frozen water that move over the land, CONDENSATION : The process where water droplets in the air combine, SUN : The reason why evaporation occurs, DESALINATION : The process by which salt in saltwater is removed to make it safe for drinking, OCEAN : Place where most of the water is found, RUNOFF : The water that the soil cannot absorb after precipitation, TRANSPIRATION : The process by which water vapor is absorbed into the air from plants, PRECIPITATION : The process by which water comes back into the surface area through rain, hail, and snow, SPRING : The body of water where groundwater comes out and becomes surface water, BUOYANCY : The property of an object to float on water such as in the case of duckling