World War I Crossword Puzzle

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  • artillery: large weapons and vehicles used for the first time in world war i
  • western front: network of trenches that went all the way from belgium to switzerland
  • world war i: war started by germany against britain and france in europe to gain more territories
  • triple entente: part of the defense alliance that included: britain, france, ireland and russia
  • trenches: long narrow ditches where the soldiers lived and fought from during world war i
  • league of nations: group of countries that came together to help rebuild europe after the war
  • no mans land: the area between the german and british trenches and was an incredibly dangerous place to be
  • cavalry: soldiers who fought on horseback
  • franz ferdinand: archduke of austria who was killed by a serbia group. it was the start of world war i
  • front line: trenches that were closest to where the fighting was occurring
  • treaty of versailles: signed june 28, 1919. it was the official end of world war i
  • mustard gas: one of the first chemical weapons used by the germans in world war i a poisonous gas
  • battle of somme: july 1916, the deadliest battle of the war between the german and the french/british armies. it took place on both sides of the river somme in france
  • battle of mons: germany attack france in belgium in august 1914 and would be the reason britain would enter the war, truly starting world war i
  • zeppelins: large german blimps that would drop bombs onto the british
  • lusitania: on april 6, 1917, passenger ship sunk by the germans. why america entered world war i
  • central powers: part of the defense alliance that included: germany and austriahungary
  • armistice day: celebrated on november 9 when kaiser wilhelm ii stepped down as the emperor of germany
  • defense alliance: an agreement that if war were to break out, certain countries would come together to protect each other