Process of Evolution Crossword Puzzle

Download and print this Process of Evolution crossword puzzle.

PDF will include puzzle sheet and the answer key.


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QUESTIONS LIST: phylon: this means tribe, genesis: this means origin, phylogeny: the evolutionary history of a group of organisms, genealogy: an organism’s line of evolutionary development in phylogenetic trees, phylogenetic tree: diagrams that trace evolutionary relationships and connections among organism, root: indicates that an ancestral lineage gave rise to all organisms on the tree, polytomy: branch with more than two lineages, sister taxa: point of two lineages stem from the same branch, basal taxon: lineage that evolved early from the root and remains unbranched, branch point: the point where split occurs, clade: this is a monophyletic group, paraphyletic: a group of organisms with similar characteristics and originated from one recent common ancestor,but shows different characteristics from the other descendants of the recent ancestor, polyphyletic: organisms that originated from the same ancient ancestors but not related at all in terms of their most recent ancestors, soft polytomy:indicates more than two immediate descendants