Early Stone Age Crossword

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QUESTIONS LIST: ANCESTOR : Is a relative who lived in the past, HOMINID : An early ancestor of humans, LANGUAGE : It is the most important development of the Stone Age and it helps hunting easier, food distribution and solve problem, OTZI : The oldest mummified human ever found, MESOLITHIC ERA : Middle stone age, SOCIETY : A community of people who share a common culture, PREHISTORY : Time before writing, HOMOERECTUS : Upright man and able to control fire, DOMESTICATION : Process of changing plants or animals to make them more useful to human, LAND BRIDE : A strip of land connecting two continents, MEGALITHS : Huge stones used as monuments or as the sites for religious gatherings, ICEMAN : Body was discovered in Otztal Alps of Italy in 1991, PALEOLITHIC ERA : Old stone age, ART : Stone, ivory, and bone carvings. Cave painting, teach others how to hunt, HOMOHABILIS : Handy-man and used early tools, CHOPPER : First tool used to cut meat and scape roots or bones, TOOL : Is any handhold object that has been modified to help a person accomplish a task, DISTRIBUTE : To divide among a group of people, HOMOSAPIENS : Wise man and all humans belong to this group, NEOLITHIC ERA : New stone age, HUNTER GATHERS : People who hunt animals and gather wild plants, seeds, fruits, and nuts to survive