Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Crossword

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QUESTIONS LIST: CIVILRIGHTS : Dr. Kind worked for __? (2 words), JANUARY : What month do we celebrate Martin Luther Kind Day?, MEMPHIS : City where Dr. King was assassinated?, THIRTYNINE : Age Dr. King was assassinated?, GEORGIA : Where was Dr. King born?, FOUR : How many children did Dr. King have?, BUSBOYCOTT : Dr. Kings' first protest was a __. (2 words), DREAM : "I Have a __", ALABAMA : Where Dr. King first became a pastor?, NOBELPEACEPRIZE : What Dr. King received at 35?, MLK : Dr. King's initials?, CONGRESS : Who passed the Civil Rights Act in 1964?, CHARACTER : Dr. King dreamed that people be judged by their __., THIRD : Which Monday is Martin Luther King Day celebrated?, FIFTEEN : Age of Dr. King when he graduated high school?, WASHINGTONDC : Where did Dr. King gave his "I Have a Dream" speech?, TENNESSEE : State where Dr. King was assassinated?, TWENTY : Number of times Dr. King was arrested?, COLOR : Dr. King dreamed that people not be judged by the __ of their skin., CIVILRIGHTSACT : Bans segregation in schools, offices, and public places. (3 words)