World War 1 (WWI) Crossword

Download and print this World War 1 (WWI) crossword puzzle.

PDF will include puzzle sheet and the answer key.


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QUESTIONS LIST: Western : Front, Eastern : Front, Submarines : German u-boats, Colonies : Germany lost its ___ in Africa and Asia, Armistice : Agreement to stop shooting, Lusitania : Luxury cruise liner sunk by German u-boats, Italy : This country switched sides during the war, Retribution : Germany had to pay the countries it had attacked, Tank : New weapon armored vehicle, France : Triple entente - England, ___, and Russia, Somme : Battle of the ___ river - British lost 600,000, Germans lost 500,000. only gained 7 miles!, Guilt : War ____ clause - Germany had to admit WWI was their fault, Lorraine : Germany had to give Alsace-____ to France, Flame : New weapon, ___thrower, Trench : WWI was the first time soldiers fought mainly in a _____