Pyramids of Ancient Egypt Crossword Puzzle

Download and print this Pyramids of Ancient Egypt crossword puzzle.

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  • khufu:built the great pyramid of giza
  • djoser:said to have commissioned the first stone pyramid in egypt
  • black:name given to a pyramid built by amenemhat iii at dahshur
  • six:the amount of steps which make up the step pyramids
  • saqqara:location of the earliest known pyramids
  • red:sneferu is said to have been buried in this, his third pyramid
  • taharqa:he built his pyramid at nuri, north sudan
  • qakare:built the last pyramid inscribed with the pyramid texts
  • dahshur:area which contains the meidum, bent, and red pyramids
  • ellahun:location of the most southerly built pyramid (2,5)
  • senusret:pyramid at dashur. powerful king of the twelfth dynasty
  • primordial:a mound which the pyramid shape is thought to represent
  • imhotep:chief architect & scribe. created the first pyramid in egypt
  • sneferu:said to have built three pyramids during the old kingdom
  • amenemhat:built a new capital at itjawy & a pyramid at lisht
  • menkaure:built the third and smallest pyramid in giza
  • myr:the egyptian name for 'pyramid'
  • baka:builder of the unfinished northern pyramid, zawyet el'aryan
  • mastaba:the step pyramid was originally started as one of these
  • djoserteti:remains of a two year old child found in his pyramid (6,4)
  • khafre:built the second largest pyramid at giza
  • tura:quarry for the casing stones of the great pyramid
  • unas:his pyramid has the earliest instance of the pyramid texts
  • piye:king of kush who built his pyramid at el-kurru
  • aburawash:location of the most northerly pyramid (3,6)