Legend of Perseus Crossword Puzzle

Download and print this Legend of Perseus crossword puzzle.

PDF will include puzzle sheet and the answer key.


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QUESTIONS LIST: atlas : perseus and hermes ask this titan for help in finding medusa, sea : king acrisius put danae and her son in a chest and put them out to _ , marry : polydectes, the ambitious brother of dictys, wanted to _ danae, stone : anyone who looks at medusa changes into _ , invisible : the hyperboreans give perseus a cap to make him _ , gorgon : medusa was changed into a _ , a hideous beast with snakes for hair, oracle : king acrisius visits an _ who tells him that his daughter will one day have a son who will kill him, dictys : a kindly fisherman who takes in danae and her son perseus, king : dictys becomes this after his brother polydectes was turned to stone, wallet : perseus is supposed to put medusa's severed head in this, which will expand to hold it, laughing : danae's son is discovered after a guard hears him _ , eye : perseus forces the gray women to help him by snatching their shared _ , wings : perseus receives sandals with _ to make him fly, head : polydectes demands the _ of medusa as a wedding gift, hermes : this god gives perseus a sword strong enough to pierce a gorgon's skin, shield : athena gives perseus a polished _ so he can look at medusa and not die, underground : king acrisius puts his daughter into a bronze room that is _ so no man can see her, athena : medusa was cursed by the goddess _ after desecrating her temple, gold : zeus visits danae in a shower of pieces of _ , serpent : on his way home, perseus rescues andromeda from a _