Origins of Civilization Crossword Puzzle

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  • culture : the way of life of a society which is handed down from one generation to the next by learning and experience
  • hierarchy : system of ranking groups
  • paleolithic : the era of prehistory that lasted from at least 2 million b.c. to about 9000 b.c.; also call the old stone age
  • hammurabi : the first king of the babylonian empire. inherited the power from his father, extended control across mesopotamia. wrote the first code of law recorded in history
  • neolithic : the final era of prehistory, began around 9000 b.c.; also called the new stone age
  • codify : to arrange or set down in writing
  • empire : a group of states or territories controlled by one ruler
  • hieroglyphics : system of writing in which pictures called hieroglyphs represent objects, concepts, or sounds
  • nomads : person who moves from place to place in search of food
  • mesopotamia : region within the fertile crescent that lies between the tigris and euphrates rivers
  • monotheistic: believing in one god
  • civilization: a complex, highly organized social order
  • dynasty: ruling family
  • polytheistic: believing in many gods
  • city-state: a political unit that includes a city and its surrounding lands and villages
  • pharaohs: title of the rulers of ancient egypt