Agricultural Revolution Crossword Puzzle

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  • computer : modern day technology used to do work
  • artisans : a worker in a skilled trade, especially one that involves making things by hand
  • gatherer : job in neolithic time that involved collecting berries and fruits to eat
  • cattle : large animal that provides beef, that is domesticated
  • cave art : drawings to communicate
  • economy : the wealth and resources of a country or region
  • archaeology : the study of objects to learn about past human life.
  • neolithic age : the final division of the stone age, the shift of hunting and gathering to growing food on a regular basis
  • ice age : a time when glaciers covered much of the land
  • specialization : the process of working in specific jobs based on talent
  • cook : benefit of fire to heat food
  • nomads : people who move from place to place as a group to find food for themselves
  • caves : what was used for shelter during paleolithic age
  • warmth : benefit of fire not to be cold
  • phone : modern day technology used to talk
  • domestication : to tame a pet or animal
  • hunters : job in neolithic age that involved killing animals for food
  • monarchy : a type of government lead by a king or queen, the royal family, ruling by 1 person
  • farming : the activity of growing crops and raising livestock
  • bones : what were sewing needles made out of during the paleolithic age
  • paleolithic era : the earliest period of the stone age
  • light : benefit of fire to see at night
  • pig : animal that is domesticated provides food, pork
  • animal hides : what was used for clothing and to line their shelter during paleolithic age