Roman Architecture Crossword

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QUESTIONS LIST: BASILICA : Large open space w/columns located in forum of Roman town(public)., ROADS : Most amazing feat of Roman engineering creating a network of?, ATRIUM : Central room of traditional Roman house, CONCRETE : A crucial materials development/advancement to Roman Architecture., PANTHEON : The dome used at its apex creating this amazing building in Rome, ATTIC : Upper horizontal portion of a triumphal arch., VOUSSOIRS : Wedge that is precisely cut so it presses firmly against surface of adjacent blocks., COLONNADE : Row of columns surrounding a temple or standing as an independent architectural element, TABLINIUM : Main reception room off atrium in elegant Roman house, AQUEDUCTS : The arch was used in this most obvious application transporting water, PEDIMENT : Building supported by columns with a triangular section on top, FORUM : Public open space in Roman city/town, DORIC : 2nd order of Greek columns, very plain or austere, ACANTHUS : Intricate leaves on the Corinthian order, DOME : An arch spun around 360 degrees, IONIC : 3rd of Greek columns with a top that curls out a bit., CAPITAL : Upper spreading element of column, forming a transition within the architrave, CELLA : Enclosed rm. of temple housing statue, PRONAOS : Greek word for front porch of temple, CORINTHIAN : 4th Greek order, very intricate with leaves & vines at top, IMPLUVIUM : Small pool that catches rain thru opening in roof in the middle of atrium of Roman house, PERISTYLE : Rectangular courtyard/garden of a G. or R. house, KEYSTONE : Center piece of an arch, PODIUM : Raised platform on which on which columns & cella of Roman temple stand.