Thomas Jefferson Era Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: canal : connected albany and buffalo, impressment : forcing people to serve in the navy, axes : one of the possessions that the pioneers most valued, embargo act : british attack on the chesapeake, war hawks : where anxious to go to war with britain, neutral rights : a nation that did not take sides and could sail the seas without fear of conflict, locks : boats were raised and lowered, sacagawea : shoshone women, dolley : james madison's wife, frigate : a very fast warship used during the war of 1812, lewis : one of the members chosen to lead the expedition, zebulon pike : expeditions led by _ traveled through the great plains, the rocky mountains, and the rio grande, new orleans : pioneer farmers shipped their goods downriver to _ , tribute : barbary pirates demanded _ from governments, napoleon: made a secret agreement with spain to acquire the louisiana territory