Marineland History Crossword

Download and print this Marineland History crossword puzzle.

PDF will include puzzle sheet and the answer key.


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QUESTIONS LIST: AMAZON : _____ River Dolphins once existed in our Oceanarium., OCEANARIUM : Marineland was the first?, THIRTY_THOUSAND : How many people tried attended the opening of Marineland in 1938?, ADOLF FROHN : Who was the first person to train a dolphin? He was a German circus trainer., SUNNY : Who is the oldest living Descendent of Nellie?, MARINE CIRCUS : The Name of a Movie that was filmed at Marineland?, WORLD WAR TWO : What war was Marineland closed during, but was still used as lookout point?, OPENED : 1938 was the year Marineland ________, NELLIE : The Oldest Dolphin to live Under Humane Care., ARTHUR MCBRIDE : Who was the curator of Marineland?, DOUGLAS BURDEN : Who was the first President of Marineland?, FLIPPY : Name of the first dolphin to be trained?, PHD : What is Nellie highest form of academic achievement?, UNDERWATER FILM STUDIO : Why was Marineland originally founded?, JACKSONVILLE : Nellie was the Mascot for which university?