The Rise of Indian Nationalism Crossword Puzzle

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  • gandhi : led a nonviolent movement for indian independence
  • sepoy : indian soldiers in the british army
  • nawab : the indian word for 'prince'
  • plassey : the battle at which the eic beat siraj of bengal
  • monopoly : complete control over trade of a specific area or property
  • silk : the good the eic began to trade in india, increasing its revenue
  • mughal : the empire which dominated india before the eic's control
  • raj : 'the british _ ' - what india was known as after the eic lost control
  • amritsar : the location of a massacre in 1919.
  • bengal : the location of two devastating famines
  • ten : ' _ million people' died in the bengal famine of 1876
  • salt : a natural product which gandhi's march of1930 was named after