American Revolution Overview Crossword Puzzle

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  • congress : representatives from the colonies met at the first continental _ in 1774 to discuss their problems.
  • representation : one of the main reasons the colonists wanted independence is because they lacked _ in british government.
  • independence : after many battles, the colonists gained their _ from great britain.
  • protests : there were lots of demonstrations in the streets, or _ , and other small skirmishes before war broke out.
  • eight : the american revolution lasted for _ years.
  • democratic : the colonists decided their new government would be _ - ruled by the people.
  • king : the colonists didn't want an all-powerful _ to rule over them anymore.
  • thirteen : the number of colonies who rebelled.
  • britain : the american colonists rebelled against the rule of this nation.
  • taxes : the british made the colonies pay all sorts of _ that the colonists thought were unfair.