World War I and Its Causes Crossword

Download and print this World War I and Its Causes crossword puzzle.

PDF will include puzzle sheet and the answer key.


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QUESTIONS LIST: CENTRAL POWERS : World War I side in the middle of Europe, LOST : What happened to German, Austria and the Ottoman Empire in World War I., DROP : What you could do with bombs?, ACT : To get soldiers to fight in WWI Congress passe the Selective Service _______., ACE : Expert air force pilot, MUSTARD GAS : Horrible weapon of World War I on the lungs, TRIPLE : America eventually joined Britain, France, and Russia, a group called the _______________ Entente., EMPIRES : Britain, France , Russia, the Ottomans, ROSE : Lansing Eastern French teacher's last name, SOS : Morse Code for HELP!!!, REVOLUTION : This event forced Russia to drop out of World War I---the Russian ________________, DOUGH BOYS : The slang name for American soldiers in WWI, MILITARISM : The idea and policy to constantly build up a strong army and navy., ALLIANCES : Countries teaming up to help each other, IMPERIALISM : Philosophy that its OK to take over another country or land, SHOCK : The horrible disease brought on by exposure to too many dorsal