Early Republic of America Crossword Puzzle

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  • alien: the _ and sedition acts were passed during john adams presidency.
  • federalist.: alexander hamilton was a _
  • presidential: the _ cabinet were advisors under washington.
  • neutrality: the proclamation of _ was stated by washington to be impartial toward other countries.
  • treaty of ghent: what treaty ended the war of 1812
  • louisiana: jefferson was president during the _ purchase.
  • first amendment: what amendment was violated?
  • xyz affair: what was the diplomatic disagreement between the u. s. and france?
  • britain: the war of 1812 was between the u. s. and _ .
  • national bank: what was hamilton's solution to the debt problem?
  • james monroe: who was the monroe doctrine written by?
  • republican: thomas jefferson was a democratic _ .
  • john adams: who was president during the xyz affair?
  • embargo: jefferson was also president during the _ act of 1807
  • appointments: jefferson's refused john adams midnight _ and lead to marbury vs madison
  • sedition: the sedition act violated an amendment?
  • impartial: washington's proclamation of neutrality tells us to be _ .
  • andrew jackson: the battle of new orleans helped who gain fame?