Sectionalism - Road to the Civil War Crossword

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QUESTIONS LIST: POLITICAL : Both enslaved and free African Americans had no _____ voice or power in the 1800s, FEDERALISM : A government in which power is shared between the national government and the states, SOUTH : Long growing season, economy built on plantation system of cash crops; allowed slavery; hated tariffs, UNION : Term given to the United States as a whole, HENRY CLAY : Senator known as the "King of Compromise" or "Great Compromiser", BALANCE : The admission of states in the West was used to maintain the ________ of slave and free states in the Senate, DRED SCOTT : African man who sued for his freedom, saying he had been illegally brought as a slave into a free state, SECEDE : When Jackson sent the army to enforce the tariff, South Carolina threatened to ____., COTTON : Key cash crop of the South, SECTIONALISM : Concern for regional needs or interests; caused separation and hostility between the North and the South during the 1800s, RAILROADS : The North had lots, the West had some, the South had little, WEST : Characterized by small-scale farming (mostly food crops) and mining. Many immigrants settled here because of the Homestead Act; didn't care about tariffs, but liked the internal improvements (roads, etc) the government paid for with tariff money, NORTH : Short growing season; economy built on manufacturing; wanted tariffs; did not allow slavery, NULLIFICATION : The act of making a law null or void, COMPROMISE : –an agreement in which both sides give up some demands, STATES RIGHTS : Rights held by the states rather than the federal government. based on the 10th amendment, CALIFORNIA : The Compromise of 1850 was about which territory's petition for statehood