The Inca Crossword Puzzle

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  • special : the sun god was the most _ god to be worshiped.
  • sapainca : the inca were ruled by _ , a powerful emperor.
  • southamerica : the inca lived along the western coast of _ .
  • crown : the sun god wears the sun as his _ on his head and holds a thunderbolt in his hand.
  • royal : the _ road was used for warriors to move quickly, and for farmers to trade their crops.
  • stones : _ were used to build the great cities.
  • machu picchu : the great city built in the andes mountains of peru.
  • expert : the inca were _ road builders.
  • quipu : knotted and colored strings used to count and record information.
  • news : the messengers carried _ from place to place.