The Roman and Byzantine Empire Crossword Puzzle

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  • barbarians : uncivilized invaders
  • justinian : byzantine emperor tried to reunite roman empire
  • byzantine : name given to the eastern half of roman empire
  • theodora : empress of byzantine empire
  • christianity : religion appearing in 1st century ad in roman empire
  • pope : bishop of rome
  • attila : leader of the huns
  • constantine : moved the capital to the east
  • huns : fierce warriors from the east
  • aquaducts : water carried from distant mountains to cities
  • augustus : 1st emperor of rome
  • dioclesian : emperor who divided the roman empire
  • clovis : a christian & most powerful of german kings
  • philosophy : focus on how ideas could improve life
  • citizens : people who had the right to participate in rome's govt.