Latin American and French Revolution Crossword

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QUESTIONS LIST: KING LOUISXVI : Bankrupted the French government with costly wars and greed, GUILLOTINE : Used to perform executions of criminals, THIRD ESTATE : Members of French Society that paid all of the taxes, MESTIZOS : People of mixed Spanish and Native American Ancestry, SECOND ESTATE : Nobles/Aristocracy, REIGN OF TERROR : July 1793 to July 1794; time period where about 40,000 people were killed, PENINSULARES : Colonial leaders born in Spain or Portugal, BOURGEOISIE : Members of the 3rd Estate; merchants, bankers, doctors, lawyers, and teachers, SIMON BOLIVAR : George Washington of South America; freed 5 South American countries, HUMAN RIGHTS : Basic Rights that are given to all people, POPE : Napoleon took the crown from him to crown himself emperor, NAPOLEON BONAPARTE : Emperor of France, COUPDETAT : Change in government which a new group of leaders use force to seize power, FIRST ESTATE : Catholic Clergy