Daily Life in Ancient Egypt Crossword Puzzle

Download and print this Daily Life in Ancient Egypt crossword puzzle.

PDF will include puzzle sheet and the answer key.


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QUESTIONS LIST: rigid : not able to change or move to a higher class, pharaoh : egypt supreme ruler, artisans : skilled labors who created art objects, statue : carved figure of temple's god, peasants : lowest and largest class in egypt's social pyramid, priests : in charge of the temples in egypt, embalming : method to preserve bodies from decay, hieroglyphs : symbols used as a system of writing, sanctuary : holy room in an egyptian temple, social pyramid : social structure of ancient egypt, roles : responsibility assigned within the family, papyrus : paper used on writing tablets, vizier : adviser of pharaoh and carrier of his commands, egypt : country of study, scribes : egypt's official writers and record keepers, afterlife : belief that a persons body remained with his or her dead spirit, purified : process priest goes through before entering the sanctuary, status : social position