The Enlightenment and Revolutions Crossword Puzzle

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  • smith : adam ****** published his most famous work, "the wealth of nations," in 1776.
  • galileo : the catholic church ordered him to abandon the copernican idea, which threatened the church's entire conception of the universe.
  • spheres : in the ptolemaic system, the universe is seen as a series of concentric ******-- one inside the other
  • heaven : beyond the tenth sphere in the ptolemaic system is ******, where god resides.
  • war : the philosophers condemned ****** as a foolish waste of life and resources.
  • aristotle : medieval scientists relied on ancient authorities such as ****** for their scientific knowledge.
  • navigation : mathematics was seen as the key to ******, military science, and geography.
  • salons : the elegant drawing rooms of the wealthy upper class's great urban houses.
  • gravity : newton's law that states, in mathematical terms, that every object in the universe is attracted to every other object by a force called ******.
  • pascal : the french scientist blaise ****** experimented with how liquids behaved under pressure.
  • geocentric : earth-centered; a system of planetary motion in which the sun, moon, and other planets revolved around the earth.
  • balthazar : one of the greatest architects of the 18th-century was ****** neumann.
  • heliocentric : sun-centered; the system of the universe in which the earth and planets revolve around the sun.
  • rationalism : descartes is known as the father of modern ******.
  • think : descartes famously said, "i ******, therefore i am."
  • newton : sir isaac ****** was an english mathematician who was a key figure in the scientific revolution.
  • matter : descartes believed that mind and ****** were completely separate.
  • voltaire : the greatest figure of the enlightenment was francois-marie arouet, known simply as ******.
  • cavendish : she published under her own name at a time when many female writers had to publish anonymously.