Origins of WWII Crossword

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QUESTIONS LIST: SOVIET UNION : In 1941, Hitler invaded, DEATHS : 57 million, ALLIES : United Kingdom, France, USSR, U.S., VERSAILLES : Treaty that ended WWI and failed to keep peace, FRANCE : September 3, Great Britain and this ally declare war on Germany, EUROPE : By the end of June 1940, all of this western continent was under Nazi control, SOVIET : Four out of five German soldiers died fighting this army, TWENTY SEVEN : Millions of Soviet citizens who died during their "Great Patriotic War", CZECHOSLOVAKIA : Incorporated into Nazi Germany 1938, AUSTRIA : Incorporated into Nazi Germany in 1938, along with Czechoslovakia, PANZERS : Specialized German tanks used to smash holes in enemy lines, RHINELAND : Area of Europe west of Germany, BLITZKRIEG : Lightning war, POLAND : September 1, 1939, Hitler sends armies here, launching WWII, STALIN : The cruel and cunning dictator of the Soviet Union, SUPERIOR : Hitler believed the German people were, AXIS : Nazi Germany, Japan, Italy, MANCHURIA : Japanese invasion, 1931, GREAT BRITAIN : Hitler's only remaining foe that refused to give in