Ancient Hebrews: Abraham to Joseph Crossword

Download and print this Ancient Hebrews: Abraham to Joseph crossword puzzle.

PDF will include puzzle sheet and the answer key.


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QUESTIONS LIST: GOD : Who told Abraham to leave his home?, HARAN : Abraham's original home, CANAAN : The land to which Abraham was told to go, SARAH : Abraham's wife after her name was changed, ISAAC : Abraham and Sarah's son, NATION : God promised to make Abraham's descendants into a great ______, ESAU : Isaac and Rebekah's older twin, JACOB : Isaac and Rebekah's younger twin, RACHEL : Jacob's favorite wife, LEAH : Rachel's sister, TWELVE: The number of sons born to Jacob, JOSEPH : Jacob's favorite son, COAT : Jacob gave this colorful gift to his favorite son, SLAVE : Joseph's occupation in Egypt, POTIPHAR : Joseph's master in Egypt, COW : The animal in Pharaoh's dream, FAMINE : The disaster which Pharaoh's dream predicted, DREAMS : God gave Joseph the ability to interpret these