Let's Travel with Food Crossword Puzzle

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  • haggis: i am the national dish of scotland
  • pancake : i am like crepes but i'm thick and fluffy
  • fish and chips : i am greasy and fishy. i can be found as street food in the streets of london
  • cheeseburger : i am served between two buns with lettuce, tomato, cheese and a patty
  • fried chicken : i am called soul food and i come from chicken
  • hot pot : i'm one of the famous dishes from hong kong and served hot
  • english breakfast: i am all you need in the morning (red beans, black pudding, eggs, hash-brown)
  • curry : i am spicy, yellow and served with white rice in india
  • bubble tea : i am a really popular drink made with tapioca balls and milk tea
  • poutine : i am a greasy dish for when it snows in canada served with cheese, french fries and brown sauce
  • milkshake : i am sweet made with ice cream and milk, and sometimes toppings
  • french toast : my name comes from a famous french dessert dipped in milk and cinnamon and fried in the pan
  • sweet and sour pork : i am really famous dish in chinese restaurants all over the world i am sweet and sour