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QUESTIONS LIST: Touch: another word for when you feel something, Portion: the amount of food you are given is known as a _____, Vegetables: The thing you eat with dinner to make it healthier that sometimes tastes bad, Fruits: The thing you thing you should eat daily to keep you healthy, Water: what you drink daily and your body is also made partly of, Kitchen: the place were you cook , Protein: What you can find in meat, Nutrients: the category for 6 thing Including minerals, Carbohydrates: A nutrient that comes from grains, Texture: the word you use to describe the feeling of something , Oven: a what you use to cook something, Vitamins: It is the substance that our bodies need to develop and function normally, Food Technology: The class you cook in, Utensils: what you use to eat something (eg. a fork), Sight: another word for Seeing, Diet: when you stop eating certain things, Season: The category that has a few months in each one, Taste: When i ate a muffin the ______ was amazing.