Ancient Australia Crossword Puzzle

Download and print this Ancient Australia crossword puzzle.

PDF will include puzzle sheet and the answer key.


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QUESTIONS LIST: dreaming : the _ -the explanation of creation for australia's indigenous people, gracie : girl who is caught at the train station, spirit bird : this animal will always take care of the girls, wave hill station : the place where there was a walkout and strike of indigenous people to fight for land rights, devil : what the girls call the chief protector, rabbit proof fence : the fence the follow to go home, mr neville : chief protector of aboriginies, archie roach : the singer/songwriter of "they took the children away", pilkington : doris _ garimara - the author of rabbit proof fence, constable riggs : the man who threatens gracie to stay in the car, vincent lingiari : the man who fought to have the lands of the gurindji people given back, gough whitlam : the prime minister who poured sand through vincent lingiari's hands, jigalong : the girls homeland, sorry day : a national day that occurs on may 26th every year, stolen generations : the name for the generations of children who were taken from their families, moore river : the christian mission that molly, daisy and gracie are taken to, moodoo : the tracker who is trying to find the girls, paul kelly : the man who wrote "from little things big things grow"