Abraham Lincoln Crossword

Download and print this Abraham Lincoln crossword puzzle.

PDF will include puzzle sheet and the answer key.


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QUESTIONS LIST: CIVIL : Lincoln was president during the _____ war, SLAVERY : Lincoln was opposed to _____, STORIES : Lincoln was famous for telling funny ______, STOVEPIPE : Type of hat Lincoln wore, SIXTEENTH : Abraham Lincoln is the ___ president of the United States, AMENDMENT : He worked to pass the 13th ______, GETTYSBURG : Lincoln's most famous speech is the _____ Address, READING : As a child, Lincoln was always doing this with books, LAWYER : Lincoln's profession before politics, ILLINOIS : The state Lincoln was elected from, PENNY : Coin Abraham Lincoln is on, HONEST : Lincoln's nickname was "_____ Abe", WRESTLING : As a young man, Lincoln excelled at this sport, MEMORIAL : You can visit the Lincoln _____ in Washington DC to learn more about Abraham Lincoln, FOUR : Number of elections Lincoln lost before winning the Presidency in 1860.