Ancient Greek Theater Crossword

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QUESTIONS LIST: DRAMA: Something Done/Performed, THEATER : Something Seen/Watch, DIONYSIS : Greek God of Wine and Joy, DIONYSIAFESTIVAL : 5 day celebration of arts and athletics, CIVIC : Attending the theater was considered a __________ Duty, AMPHITHEATRE: Large outdoor seating areas where theatre was watched, CHORUS : Group of people on stage who help tell story, THREE : Max number of actors on stage at one time, TRAGICFLAW : Superior character in a play except this, TRAGEDY : The Serious drama genre emerged from ancient Greece, SATYR: Vulger Comedies, COMEDY: Lighter drama genre with happy ending, THREE: Number of playwrights chosen for drama competition, WOMEN: Suppressed in society but often lead characters played by men, ANTIGONE: Killed herself in a cave to defy Uncle who imprisoned her there, MEDEA: Betrayed by her husband she kills all who he loves including her own children, ARISTOTLE: Famous Greek Philosopher, POSTPLAY: The bows, PLOT: The events that occur on stage (Aristotle's component), THEME: The important meaning of the story (Aristotle's component), DENOUEMENT: Resolution, SOPHOCLES: Most important author of Greek tragedies, OEDIPUS: Incestuous Murderer