The Industrial Revolution in Great Britain Crossword Puzzle

Download and print this The Industrial Revolution in Great Britain crossword puzzle.

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  • power : people began to have a feeling of this over nature and such because of the accomplishment made in transportation
  • wrought iron : iron that was produced with the puddling process
  • steam engine : new invention that used coal instead of man made power; made it possible to spread out factories since it did not have to rely on water
  • james watt : a scottish engineer who created the steam engine that worked more efficient than earlier engines
  • flying shuttle : enabled weavers to double their output and replaced the process of weaving on a loom
  • canals : these were faster and safer than roads because weather conditions did not disturb transportation as drastically
  • henry cory : developed the puddling process
  • railroad : the most important mode of transportation and eventually was considered the superior mode of transportation in comparison to boats
  • coal : energy that steam engines ran on
  • coke : this new method of smelting iron ore to produce iron was decided based on the use of this object
  • coal and iron : britain had a lot of this (2 things) that helped them make a lot of money
  • capital : people who profited from the cotton industry and trade profited a steam of _ that made the revolution possible
  • textile : type of production that was especially revolutionized by the steam engine
  • pig iron : product of smelting iron ore with coke
  • power loom : allowed the weaving of cloth to catch up with the spinning of yarn
  • cotton : major object that became cheaper for poor people due to the steam engine in britain
  • industrial economy : this was impacted by the improvement of transportation