4th grade Historic Indians Crossword Puzzle

Download and print this 4th grade Historic Indians crossword puzzle.

PDF will include puzzle sheet and the answer key.

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  • imitating : boys pretending to be great hunters after they watched their fathers were _ their fathers
  • animal furs : what kind of clothes all ohio indians wore in the cold winter
  • crops : during the bread dance the people prayed for abundant _
  • corn bread : type of bread eaten at dances by the indians
  • colonists : who wanted to buy the land from the indians
  • ohio : indian tribes wanted to settle in this state because it had animals, rich soil, and rivers they needed to survive
  • erie : tribe that was an enemy to the iroquois, but they lost because of the iroquois's guns?
  • legends : story that told a history of how things came to be
  • village : type of chief that ran the affairs of the village
  • moccasins : shoes all indians wore
  • iroquois : which indian tribe was known for being great warriors?
  • ottawa : what tribe was the best at trading?
  • elder : what the indians called old people
  • fruit : the miami women grew these trees for miles along the river valleys
  • women : which member of the family had the job to farm and cook
  • war : one type of chief that led the men into battle
  • hunt : job the men did in the indian tribes
  • deer : favorite meat of the indians
  • tecumseh : famous shawnee chief