Verbs Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: pay : when you go to the supermarket you use money to _ the cashier, played : yesterday i _ soccer (past), open : it is too hot here, can you _ the door?, won : my father _ the lottery yesterday (past), work : what is your mother's occupation? she _ in an office, bite : my dog likes to _ the bone, cut : if you want to eat pineapple, first you have to _ it into small pieces, eat : with this verb you try any meal or food, call : what is your phone number? i will _ you later, wait : _ for your turn, help : my mother _ with my homework, drink : you use this verb when you are thirsty, write : i _ the information in my notebook, fly : look at the sky! it is superman _ ing, drove : my father did this action this morning in his car(past), sings : sometimes my mother _ in the shower, start : push _ button to commence the game, slept : hey!! what did you do in vacations? i _ the whole day (past), close : it is freezing _ the window!