William Shakespeare Crossword

Download and print this William Shakespeare crossword puzzle.

PDF will include puzzle sheet and the answer key.

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QUESTIONS LIST: Sonnets : Besides plays what did Shakespeare also write?, Poems : Kids in school are now memorizing his_____., Julius Caesar : What was Shakespeare's final play?, Kings Men : What where the chamberlains men called?, April : what month was Shakespeare born in?, Two : How many daughters did Shakespeare have?, Macbeth : What is the name of Shakespeare's play that the General kills the kind for his throne?, London : Where did Shakespeare write his first play?, Mary : What was Shakespeare's mother's name?, Ann : WHAT WAS SHAKESPEARE'S WIFE'S FIRST NAME, Mayor : What political seat did Shakespeare's father hold?, Romeo and Juliet : The name of Shakespeare's most famous play about love., Eight : how many siblings were born in Shakespeare's family?, Hamlet : What is Shakespeare's most performed play?, John : What was Shakespeare's father's first name?, One : How many sons did Shakespeare have?, Plays : What is Shakespeare most famous for?