Southeast Asia Crossword Puzzle

Download and print this Southeast Asia crossword puzzle.

PDF will include puzzle sheet and the answer key.


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QUESTIONS LIST: monsoons : seasonal winds that help trade in indian ocean, vedas : holy hindu scripture, ashoka : great indian ruler who converted to and spread buddhism, sanskrit : language most commonly used in india, golden age : a time of peace, prosperity and achievements, nirvana : buddhist word for enlightenment (and a band), sewage : _ systems used in indus valley civilizations, aryans : people who went through khyber pass and began hindu culture, dharma : hindu belief in your own path & responsibilities to enlightenment, mughal : muslim empire that ruled india, gupta : the golden age of india, urdu : language that mixes persian, indian, arabic created by mughals, moksha : hindu goal meaning to be released, maurya : 1st united indian empire started by chandragupta, planning : urban _ evidenced by harappa & mohenjo daro, himalayas : the highest mountain range in the world, buddha : siddhartha gautama once he became enlightened, eic : this british co. took over india for 100 yrs, fertile : all river valley civilizations can farm because their soil is _ , ganges : holy river to the hindu's, reincarnation : belief in rebirth of your soil, noble truths : four _ _ that all buddhists use to explain suffering, caste : the strict hindu class system