Russia, 1900- 1917 Crossword

Download and print this Russia, 1900- 1917 crossword puzzle.

PDF will include puzzle sheet and the answer key.


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QUESTIONS LIST: TSAR: Imperial ruler of Russia, RAILWAY: The Trans-Siberian..., TUNDRA: Arctic wasteland, SERF: Peasants owned by their landlords- abolished in 1861, RUSSIFICATION: Policy of making non-Russians speak Russian, wear Russian clothes and follow Russian customs, HIERARCHY: A system of ordering the power and structure of society, AUTOCRACY: Nicholas II believed in this kind of power, NOBILITY: They made up 1% of Russian society, ORTHODOX: The type of Christianity dominant in Russia, OKHRANA: The secret police, ALEXANDRA: Wife of Nicholas II, REVOLUTIONARIES: The Socialist <blank> wanted to get rid of Nicholas II and mainly appealed to the peasants, BOLSHEVIKS: Lenin was the leader of this group who opposed Nicholas II, BLOODY SUNDAY: The event that triggered the 1905 Revolution, JAPAN: Russia lost a war against them in 1905, GAPON: Father <blank> led protestors to the Winter Palace in 1905, DUMA: The Russian Parliament, WITTE: Count <blank> helped to write the October Manifesto, RASPUTIN: Holy healer, VODKA: Banned in Russia during WW1 due to high prices, PETROGRAD: St Petersburg was renamed to this to sound 'more Russian', ABDICATE: To give up the throne- like Nicholas II did in 1917